The Billings Gem and Mineral Club

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Why the long, odd URL (web address)
Short answer: because it is free.
Long answer: I already have my site ( hosted by a private company, it is already paid for. There was space available to add a "sub-site" for the Club.
I will store backup copies of the club's website in the club library, or with another member. If the club were to ever decide they wanted a more user freindly address, or if something bad happened to my web host or myself, the files could be uploaded to a new server and the site could again be live with minimum effort.


Why are there no email addresses on the Membership Roster?
The email addresses have been stripped from the membership list to prevent spammers from finding us. There are people who send out "robots", small programs that search the web, and report back a list of all email addresses that it finds. I will try to add our email addresses back in a form we can use, yet the robots are unable to capture.


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last updated 9/10/03