White Sulphur Springs, Montana

Meagher County Political Graveyard Where was this when I was in highschool? I might have passed english class.

The Meagher county News

The photos alone make it a great supplement to their hard copy.
Well, the website was great while it lasted. Funny how they were in the 21st century when it was the 20th, but now they have regressed to news print only.

Let's all snoop on our neighbors property holdings
So...whatcha wanna know about who owns what in Meagher County? This link moved, when there is time I'll fix it. in the mean time google it.
Meagher County Chamber of Comerce A great overview of White Sulphur Springs and Meagher County
link Scroll down for White Sulphur Springs, not much here though
sorta an info site  
USGS Where to get maps and more.
School I see the school has a page now. Very Orange and black!!
Places and Things:  
Kings Hill Slowdown Ski Area. Snowmobile trails.
This House of Sky
One of Ivan Doig's books. link has gone, I'll look for a substitue
Gold Suggestions to look for gold where the mines are/were
Castle Yes....Castle
Photos FWIW - I found this site in a search engine...and I thought my website was starved for content!
Spa History If you grew up in White Sulphur you were told all this, but have since forgotten it. Plus the windmill is pretty Kewl
Charles M Bair Family Museum

There is a stern warning on this website to NOT link to it! (You wouldn't want people finding out about it, I suppose)
Good luck finding it on your own. This may be back, the museum is now open, minus the good stuff looted by the "trustees" from US Bank.
Wikipedia "1,069.1 people per square mile" -- yeah, that is what WSS is known for - it's high population density!!
Sherman Castle Poor photo - great subject
Roy C Swan Elementary Poor photo - great subject
  I did have a number of web pages about White Sulphur residents here. when I removed the pages that are now gone, I don't have many left.
  Please email me if you know of others.

Mike and Sue Vinton Mike built my garage for me. Best contractor I've ever had.
Mike Grove  
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